December 29, 2010

X-32 JSF

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A personalized jet fighter in the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) contest.  The character design was originally made by an anonymous artist (link).  Modeled and rendered with Blender/Freestyle in August 2009.  Speed lines in the fourth image were drawn based on Rylan’s tips.


December 26, 2010

Blender 2.49 splash screen contest

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My entry to the Blender 2.49 splash screen contest in April 2009.  Modeled and rendered with Blender/Freestyle and retouched with GIMP.

The image on the left is a screenshot that shows the 3D model, material nodes for the halftone effects, and composite nodes for superimposing gradient colors onto the monochrome halftone and line drawing.  On the right is a raw rendering output before retouching.

December 15, 2010

Initial Freestyle rendering results

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Here are some old renders using early versions of Freestyle for Blender.  These images were initial rendering results of mine by means of the new NPR rendering functionality tested just after the first Win32 build of the Blender Freestyle branch came out in September 2008.  The character design was originally made by an anonymous artist.

These are renders with colored lines using pyMaterialColorShader() on top of shadeless surface colors.  The style module used for these renders is available here in the BlenderArtists Freestyle thread.  At the time when these renders were made, the Freestyle branch was based on the 2.4x code base and anti-aliased lines were not supported yet.  A common workaround was to render a larger image than a final size and scale it down.

These are results of a constant line color combined with halftone surface colors by means of PyNodes.  The halftone script used for these renders is available here in the BlenderArtists PyNode cookbook thread.

December 11, 2010


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An old render of lilies dated back to March 2009.  Modeled and rendered with Blender Freestyle branch, using a slightly modified to get material-based stroke colors through pyMaterialColorShader.

A test render of group-based feature edge selection.

A render using

The last two results were made with Blender Freestyle branch revision 33554.

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